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3 Barb Arrow Assemblies

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3 barb grapple points on your choice of shafts

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3 barb grapple points on your choice of shafts

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Arrow Selector

Glass Max, Glow Max, Unity-Glow


Stages Of Operation

1) Closed, small profile for true tracking underwater and deep penetration.
2) Open, extra large holding area to eliminate pull outs.
3) Release, barbs fold forward to allow for quick removal of  fish from arrow.
4) The cutaway view shows stud on the front of the body engaging the bushing inside of the tip. This stops vibration and eliminates loose and lost tips, a problem that plagues other points.

Arrow and Adapter… Unite!

Our new Unity™ Arrows are a combination of a stainless steel rear section that permanently attaches to specially prepared premium fiberglass arrow blanks. Unity™ Arrows feature Taper-loc™ a strong and secure crimped connection that provides a smooth transition. The strength of this connection makes possible a threaded slide stop hole into the stainless steel section. Moving the hole strengthens the entire arrow by eliminating the hole in the fiberglass. Designed with a large battery compartment to fit all lighted nocks. CNC machined from solid stainless steel. Available in Glow or Orange fiberglass. Patent pending.

A) Slotted for ideal nock fitment.
B) Room to fit all standard and lighted nocks.
C) Strong threaded slide stop hole.
D) Taper-loc uses reverse tapers to achieve a permanent connection between arrow blank and durable stainless steel rear section.
E) Eliminates stop hole in fiberglass which is a common point of failure.