Fixed Blade Broadheads

Innerloc Broadheads Fixed blade broadheads are the best fixed blade broadheads for accuracy and penetration. All Innerloc® broadheads feature Endur-Edge™. A special manufacturing and tempering process on the highest quality stainless steels that yields an ultra durable blade edge. This keeps the broadhead sharp as it passes through it’s target, causing better blood trails. Everyone knows the importance of sharp broadhead blades. But a sharp blade that won’t hold it’s edge is no more effective then a dull blade. Endur-Edge™ blades stay keen after they punch through hair and hide to slice the vitals effortlessly causing the immence blood trails and quick bleed-outs that Innerloc® is famous for. But don’t take our word for it, take the Endur-Edge™ challenge. Compare the sharpness of Innerloc® to the competition and see who “Stays Bloody Sharp”.to match your shooting style at

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