Carnage Mechanical Broadhead - 3 Pack 100 Gr.

Carnage™ is the newest addition to Innerloc’s™ Aero-Series™ broadheads. These exclusive heads are the only ones to deliver exact field-point accuracy, which is becoming increasingly necessary in today’s fastest bows and crossbows. Carnage™ is a fast acting rear deploy design that is aerodynamically surrounded by our patented Aero-Wraps™. The wrap serves three functions once applied. It holds the assembly in the shooting position until impact then the razor edges rapidly slice through for reliable opening. Secondly, it mimics the exact flight of a target point. Lastly, they look awesome! Each package includes 16 Aero-Wraps™ with varying graphics. You also have the choice of personalizing your own styles with available printer sheets and layout templates.  This is the broadhead everyone has been waiting for… Get yours and Create Carnage!